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We were on some podcasts, talking Hacktivist with fine folks!

Over at the WillSeanPodcast? we chatted about topics big and small, including ScarJo, Los Doyers and the price of one's virginity. 

But if you're looking for the real dirt on Hacktivist? Look no further than Drunk On Comics, where we were joined by Marcus To to talk all sorts of process, method, and other tricks of the craft. 


Comics Bulletin really loved our story. Their reviewer comes from Cisco Systems, so when he says, "With recent developments around the world, glossed over bits like US Aid's so-called "Cuban Twitter" losing out to air time in favor of pap like Kim and Kanye, Hacktivist is one of the most socially relevant works out there at the moment," it's worth listening too. 

Word of the Nerd says that the entire series was, "Intelligently written and beautifully illustrated, Hacktivist has been an engrossing, action-packed read from the first page, and I hope that it finds a second lease of life in trade."

Comic Bastards, though they enjoy the book, are also one of it's most outspoken critics. Intelligently put, they say: 

The last issue provides an optimistic view of the ability of hackers to liberate citizens from technocratic regimes.  However, the book seems to think that pure information will be enough to radically effect change.  While that does seem great for the pages of a comic, the real world’s indifference won’t care so much as to the dealings of the political machines so long as some useless entertainment keeps the masses sedated.

Hopefully they don't blame us for being fundamental optimists. Or for trying to sedate the masses with useless entertainment. :-) 

Geeked Out Nation gave us a very high rating, and though they have complaints, they're specific and intelligent. They really cut to the quick of the book however in their review of Issue Three:

 It’s so close to reality that it could easily be mistaken for reality itself. The world that has been created here is a world where social media is being used to create revolutions in countries with a frustrated and repressed populace. This is not fantasy. This is reality. It’s actually happening right now, and so the only way to read a book like Hacktivist is as a direct commentary on real world situations. In doing this we have to look at it’s underlying assumptions, it’s politics, and it’s ideology. What does it represent? What is it portraying? What does it want?

Why is it different? Because it is trying to say something about the state of the world that we are all living in. It is trying to get to the truth, and just by attempting to do so it’s the most revolutionary comic book on the market today.


Geeked Out Nation says,"it is one of the more important narratives told by any comic series going right now."

Comic Bastards says "It's the closest a comic book reader can come to a modern version of a Shakespearean History."  

Living Myth Media: "Fucking brilliant is an understatement."

Motherboard.Vice says that the book "comes across as more of a disservice to Anonymous then a celebration of them", but they take the time to say "Not to say that the comic isn't entertaining, well-execute and pertinent to the twenty-first century" ... make up your mind guys! Haha. 

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02.09.14 | The Verge has a fantastically thought-out review of Issue One, that not only quotes yours truly, but actually engages with the heightened reality/ grounded emotionality we were aiming for. Considering they are the only non-comic site to review us (The Verge itself is actually a hub for .Culture) the fact that they gave it so much thought means a lot, even if they took a couple shots. 

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Comicosity says, "It is a book in its substance and style that truly feels like a comic that is a product of the times..."

ComicSpectrum says, "Writers Jackson Lanzin and Collin Kelly take the ideas and world created by Milano and run with them in spectacular fashion."

Flipgeeks hypothesizes, "I don’t know... what the intentions of the creator and the writers behind Hacktivist [are] but I believe...  Hacktivist could make a good film."

Graphicpolicy intelligently points out that the book is, " old world form of communication commenting on a new world form of communication."

GeekedOutNation's bottom line: "Hacktivist is the perfect story to tell right now with the world being the way it is. It stays socially relevant without being overly preachy."

ComicList's Geek Goggle Reviews cuts to the quick - "Hacktivist has the potential to be great."

Newsarama has one person who loves it, and one who thinks it's trash

Adventures in Poor Taste give Marcus some major snaps, saying that his art, "...reminds me a lot of Pia Guerra’s work on Y: The Last Man with a bit more detail thrown in."

ComicBastards don't live up to their name, as they kindly say that  "any person enthralled by social media will find Hacktivist a smart book that delivers great storytelling through interesting characters and relevant social criticism."

Fanboyplanet points out that, "...whether or not you agree with its politics, it may be one of the most important books you can read in order to understand just why the cyberworld is so important on a global stage."

Full-Page Bleed politely says that, "this is a very nicely executed comic in both scripting and artwork."

Geekadelphia puts it elegantly: "It’s a story that talks not only about our social media obsessed culture, but the responsibility of those that have profited from it to do right by mankind."

FollowingtheNerd is one of the few to dig into some of the behind-the-scenes drama, pointing out that, " I have seen many who have taken shots at the writing and I have even seen trolls attacking the writers."

Orbital Comics puts it bluntly: "I didn’t expect to be saying this, but I’m in … In for the duration, and in for the long-haul."

ComicVine sums it up: "Grab yourself a copy and check out the story."

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