Collin Kelly

text & art

Writes everyday. Draws sometimes. Kills dragons when needed.

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Collin Kelly is an American. 

Collin Kelly graduated from USC in 2008 with a major in Writing for Screen and Television. 

Collin Kelly has two cats, nine swords, and one bat'leth.

Collin Kelly has an amazing girlfriend, who shares custody of his cats (but not his swords or bat'leth).

Collin Kelly has a fantastic writing partner: sadly, only one of them will survive to see middle age. 

These two are the co-writers of Joyride and Hacktivist. They also write movies that you've only dreamed about.

Collin Kelly's middle initial is "P". Its origins are shrouded in mystery. 

Collin Kelly is a very nice boy who would like to be your friend. 

Collin Kelly is a monster who should be avoided at all costs. 


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