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on the 65th Birthday of Peter J Kelly

Today is my Dad's birthday. He would have been... 65. Though if you would have told him, "Pete, you're 65", he would have probably replied with a rude noise, and insisted that was impossible.

I've been wondering lately what kind of advice he would have given me, considering the tenuous nature of my life at the moment. I'm pretty unemployed, have very little net worth, and yet what I'm passionate about couldn't be going better. I have a girl who I'm crazy about, and I'm just about as healthy as I can get.

"So," he would say, "Situation desperate, but not critical?" It was one of his favorite catch phrases. 
"Yeah Dad, I guess." 
"Well, what are you whining about then? Work is terrible. The only real vacation is when you're unemployed." 
"Yeah, but I want to, you know, be a responsible adult." 
"Stop right there. Being a responsible adult is the worst. I do not recommend it. In fact, I recommend not being an adult at all. That's why I never grew up."

He always led by example - as in, he made the wrong choice, and then I knew what NOT to do. But the man knew the importance of not sweating the small stuff. He knew the value of friends, of relaxing, and of enjoying the good times when you're living them.

Happy Birthday Dad.

Situation desperate, but not critical.

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