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The Hardening Fire

I have a career. I love it. I'm utterly passionate about it. It's called "writing", and it thrills me every moment of the day. It even pays me money (occasionally), which is rad. But I'm not 21 anymore; in two weeks, I'll be 30, which by all accounts makes me an adult. And as an adult, I need certain things in my life, and those things cost more than Lady Writing cares to provide. 

This is fine. I dare you to find a similarly aged writer who has no day job - I haven't had one for almost 3 years, and it's been awesome. But that is going to change. 


At this exact moment, I have 10 projects in various stages of development. Four features, three comics, two animated shows and one live action, all in various parts of their lives. I love each of them almost as much as I love my cats. Some you know. Some you'll know soon. Some might get viking funerals, who can say? 

But I'm done waiting for a golden ticket. I want to go back to the time when I was writing for the love of it, not because student loans are breathing down my neck. 

How do I know that this balance is possible? Because Jackson Lanzing has been doing it for years, and putting us all to shame with his talent and ability. Because I have a girl who loves me no matter how much I whine. Because my mom raised a pretty good kid, who doesn't buckle under pressure. 

Next week, Jaqueson and I will be at New York Comic Con. It is going to be, hands down, the most insane convention of our lives. We're going to shake everyone's hand; we're going to sign all the Hacktivists; we're going to sell the shit out of every fantastic Boom! book they put in front of us. And when night rolls around, oh goodness, how we'll dance. 

And then on Monday the 13th, I'm starting work at the LA Film School. 

I'll be a class one Admissions Representative, and I'll be proud to shuck and jive for one of the best film schools in the city. And when I'm done for the day?

Watch out, Writing. There ain't no more time to be casual. 

We're about to get real serious. 

I took this picture on top of a mountain that I hiked up. Because Nature is rad. Just like Life. 

I took this picture on top of a mountain that I hiked up. Because Nature is rad. Just like Life. 

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