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ISSUE ONE, The Settling Dust

It's amazing what seven short days can bring. 

The Lady and I had to rush Indiana to the hospital to remove a rubber cork from his guts. I broke 300 twitter followers. Tunisia ratified a constitution. And oh yeah - 

HACKTIVIST Issue One came out. 

The Hacktivist BOOM!/Archaia family, totally giddy (minus our amazing artists, Marcus and Ian) 

The Hacktivist BOOM!/Archaia family, totally giddy (minus our amazing artists, Marcus and Ian) 

I want to thank everyone for supporting the book. To our friends who showed up at the signings, to strangers who gave the book a chance, to Alyssa's loyal fans to decided to throw down their cash on a "comic book" - the response has been overwhelmingly fantastic. Not universal - we caught some crazy flak from members of the hacktivist scene, but we also made some friends as well. That particular situation is on-going, but we hope the criticism from their camp will make our story only that much more relevant (should there be more stories to tell). More on that as it develops. 

Mostly, though, I just want to crow. HOLY HELL, a book came out and my name is on it! Duke Lanzing and I have written - hell, so much at this point, and so much of it is locked behind NDAs and secret deals - this just feels so utterly fantastic. And look, I know that all my friends can attest to the fact that this last week, I've been doing a bit of preening, and that's gonna stop now. With this post. Which will be the last time I strut about on the laurels of Issue One. 


But Issue Two is coming, and it's gonna rock some faces right off. Some of our critics are lost causes - nothing we do will bring them to our side of the street. But others, who really bucked against the fact that we seemed to punt on gender equality, white privilege, & the egoism of the super-rich... when they discover that these are the secret core of our book, I think we're going to make some serious converts. 

I've updated the press section, please check it out. And keep your eyes peeled here for weekly updates, not exclusively Hack related. I have some pretty strong opinions. 

And now I have a soap box. 

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